“Do The Right Thing.” These four words have built the foundation of BELFOR’s culture and Sheldon Yellen, CEO of BELFOR, is at the heart of it all. The passion for doing the right thing in every community around the world inspired BELFOR Cares, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Through community outreach, support and partnership, BELFOR offices everywhere get involved in causes they care about. The health and success of BELFOR is also measured by the impact we have on people in communities where we work and play. BELFOR Cares is dedicated to making a difference in order to shape and develop a better world for all!

Recent Projects

The BELFOR Charleston, WV office read an article in theCharleston Gazette‐Mail about a retired couple on a fixed income who volunteer to help everyone. This […]

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Northern NJ at Fifth Annual 5K and Family Fun Run BELFOR Northern New Jersey was proud to be a participant and sponsor of the Hugs […]

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BELFOR Sacramento joined Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento for a team build day on Thursday, October 8. The team arrived on the construction site.. […]

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BELFOR is the world’s largest property restoration company with operations in every major metropolitan region in 26 countries. BELFOR restores properties damaged after fire, water and storm damage of every kind and on any scale. We enable businesses and private customers to overcome the consequences of damage quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively. We invest every effort in minimizing business interruptions and getting things back to normal ASAP. We draw on more than 60 years of experience, use the latest technical equipment and employ highly qualified specialists. At BELFOR, we restore more than property.

24/7 emergency hotline: 800.856.3333 / www.belfor.com